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Custom Canvas Covers in Richmond, CA

Custom Dingy Cover Sunbrella

Why a Custom Boat Cover?

A cover is essential to protect your investment from the elements. A custom cover is made for your boat, and your boat only.

When you invest in a custom cover, you not only get a quality product, but also a great company to work with.

Compass Canvas fits all projects in-person and hands-on to talk about the ideal designs that you want for your cover.

Sailboat full cover Sunbrella

Benefits of a Custom Cover

Each boat is unique, so each cover must be made special for the perfect fit. The perfect fit is often under-rated, it means your cover will not pool with water so your boat will stay dry. We use ventilation systems to increase the breathability of our covers to prevent mold and mildew damage inside your boat. 

Another benefit of a custom cover is the choices you have in the quality and color of the materials. At Compass Canvas, we use Solarfix thread, a teflon thread that will never rot or tear. As for fabric, we primarily use Sunbrella, WeatherMax, or Stamoid, as these have the best performance in marine and outdoor environments. Using the correct materials on your custom cover will increase the longevity of your investments.

Beneteau 46.1 3/4 cover

Custom Options

There are many variations of marine covers and Compass Canvas offers them all; from sail covers to cockpit covers to winch covers to full boat covers. You get to help in the design of your boat cover.

Our customizable options are endless, you can choose whatever material, color, size, and design that you can imagine.

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