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Boat Flooring Options in the Bay Area

How to Find the Right Flooring?

At Compass Canvas, we offer you the best flooring material for all your boating needs.

We use Infinity Flooring, a luxury woven vinyl, that combines style, practicality and durability for your boat.

Benefits of Flooring

Flooring offers many benefits for your boat. Not only does it come in a wide array of colors and patterns, but it also helps protect your boat.

Infinity Flooring has a padded backing so it is comfortable to walk on, while being able to hold up in heavily trafficked areas. It is insulated so it helps to keep the boat warmer. This flooring is also extremely easy to clean, waterproof, never stains, never fades and mold/mildew resistant. Infinity flooring is the perfect addition to any boat.

Custom Options


Infinity Luxury Woven Flooring is a vinyl material, with a variety of colors and patterns, to create the aesthetic your boat needs.

Check out your infinite options here: https://infinitylwv.com.

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