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Custom Dodgers in the Bay Area

What is a Dodger?

A dodger is to a boat what a windshield is to a car. A well made sailboat dodger certainly adds style to your boat, but its primary function is to protect the companionway and passengers from the harsh elements of a marine environment. 

We prefer to make all of our dodgers from scratch, but if your dodger frame is still in good condition we can work with your current hardware. The Compass Canvas sailboat dodger is made in three parts. The frame installation, the dodger top(s), and the dodger enclosures (windows). We measure the boat and then bend stainless-steel tubing to the exact specifications necessary to provide a perfect fit. We often install the track on the deck of the boat, further improving strength. Keder tape is installed into the track and zippers are sewn to the Keder, which provides a long lasting waterproof connection. 

All Compass Canvas dodgers are constructed for easy installation and removal. All of the pieces of canvas zip on and off the boat. On many installations, some snaps are required for a final, perfect fit.

Benefits of a Dodger  

 A dodger adds comfort, style, and longevity to your sailboat while simultaneously giving you protection from the marine elements and offering shelter from the rain or sun. Without a dodger, every passenger on your boat will be exposed to the elements at all times unless they’re down below.

Sundowners at anchor become much more pleasurable and relaxed when the seemingly ever present wind doesn’t blow your sun hat into the water. Paired with a full bimini top enclosure, you have the best weather protection on the water. A dodger provides you with more opportunities to get out on the water and stay out on the water, no matter the weather — making every sail more enjoyable.

Best Material for Dodgers

At Compass Canvas, we use a combination of Sunbrella fabric, Solarfix thread, and Polycarbonate or Strataglass Windows. Using these high quality materials means you’ll have the longest lasting canvas product on the market. Our main goal is to provide you with the highest quality canvas for boats. We work with our customers to make the best design for a durable dodger that meets their needs.

Best Custom Canvas Shop in the Bay Area

Dodgers are not one size fits all, which is why Compass Canvas offers completely custom dodgers. We work with every client to make sure that their dodger is designed for them and their specific boating needs. The design choices are close to endless – color, size, fabric, style. Contact us on our website, or give us a call and we’d be more than happy to talk with you about all of your options.

Work with Compass Canvas

A dodger is an extension of your boat , it should follow the lines and curves of the vessel which is why the design is important. In order to look congruent, the dodger must complement the aesthetic of your boat. This is exactly why you should choose Compass Canvas, the best boat canvas shop in Richmond, CA. Call now for a consultation!

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